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One bioinfomatian, among tens of thousands, whose goal is to turn data into information, information into knowledge, knowledge into understanding, and hopefully understanding into wisdom.

About me

  • Greetings! My name is Hai-Jun Liu, at an embarrassing juncture where the sands of time have given me wisdom, yet the journey in the realm of research remains youthful. A proud father of two delightful souls.

  • Why Bioinformatics? A defining moment came when I found myself wrestling with a quivering pipette, I started on a quest into genomics and population genetics. An alternate journey to unravel the intricacies of biology and perhaps a more accessible route.

  • Why Flora? In a world where plants often adorn balconies as decorative accents, they became my research domain and intellectual companions. This is mainly guided by the strength of my undergraduate university and the naive expectation to avoid blood and strife. In moments of self-doubt, the very act of simply keeping breath can bring value to these botanical beings offers me comforting reassurance.

  • Where Presently? As a postdoctoral fellow at the Gregor Mendel Institute (GMI), an institution named in honor of the visionary who made the first intellectual peak in genetics. GMI is not so big in size, but big in ideas, which are diverse and fundamental. It is located in the very beautiful Vienna, a city praised for its quality of life by some surveys, although perhaps lacking in overt friendliness based on some others [no links here]... Well, I am lucky enough to still make some (non-local) friends here :)

  • Current Passions: My present works covers a wide spectrum. I participate in the Arabidopsis 1001 genome plus project (the very catalyst that brought me here), and now the 1001 phenome project. In quieter moments, I work on refining GWAS methodologies, devoting weekends to this pursuit. Meanwhile, each passing season grants me the opportunity to unravel the epigenomic mysteries hidden in long-read sequencing. Here for more details.

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